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Tiger Melon Hard Seltzer

Tiger Melon Hard Seltzer is a speculative small business in the consumer packaged goods industry. Tiger Melon Hard Seltzer is a crisp and refreshing hard seltzer with a variety of fruity flavor, 1g sugar and 5% ALC/VOL.


  • Brand Campaign

  • 3D Motion Graphics

  • Print Advertising

The Mission

Tiger Melon Hard Seltzer is a speculative project on small businesses in the consumer packaged goods industry. I envisioned the brand to strive to set itself apart by giving new and existing customers insight into their high energy and colorful personality! This is pivotal in the success of Tiger Melon to drive revenue and brand recognition with their target audience to provide excitement about what the brand has to offer.

Currently, Tiger Melon’s social media and advertising presence isn't up to par with the industry standards and is looking to communicate a fun and refreshing experience which reflects the overall brand’s vision.

The Output

JD Visuals researched the target audience to develop messaging and visuals that will resonate with the potential customers. The “Find Your Flavor” campaign was designed to showcase Tiger Melon as the spark to the routine of life. Utilizing 3D Motion Graphics, customers were able to be captivated by larger-than-life animations promoting the brand.

The Impact

With the success of the Tiger Melon Project, we were curious as to how people would respond. An informal survey was conducted and these are the findings: over 60% of participants said that their attention was instantly grabbed from this advertising campaign while 55% indicated a willingness to buy products based on advertising alone!


The results were astonishing. Without previous knowledge of the product, participants were attracted to its fun, colorful, and fruity flavors. One participant from the survey stated, "Very clean! Can definitely see these ads in competition with other hard seltzers!". In fact, over 70% chose Tiger Melon's advertising as opposed to two leading competitors in the hard seltzer industry!

Print Advertising

The "Find Your Flavor" print campaign was designed for customers who want to discover new brands and flavors.

Instagram Story Promotion

In order to present a fun and refreshing, yet representative, new way to create exposure for Tiger Melon, an Instagram story advertising campaign was developed.

TV Advertising

In order to reach a larger range of consumers through various avenues of advertisement, JD visuals found it imperative to produce a commercial to capture the experience of drinking Tiger Melon Hard Seltzer.

The Process

The first step in the process was getting to know Tiger Melons' intended audience through the client persona. This helped us understand their needs and pain points, which we used for creating a mood board that would guide our design decisions throughout the project development.

With our finalized look and feel, we were able to produce high-quality renders that aligned seamlessly with the music. The animatic process allowed a chance for all divisions of production to align which resulted in an overall polished final product!


Let's Work Together

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