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Nectar Hard Seltzer

Nectar Hard Seltzer: Perfectly balanced Asian-inspired flavors: Lychee, Asian Pear, Yuzu, Mandarin. No weird aftertaste. Zero sugar headaches. 


  • Brand Campaign

  • 3D Motion Graphics

  • Print Advertising

Product Visualization

Nectar Hard Seltzer connected with JD Visuals to revamp their product rendering for print, social media and advertising.

Old Can Render.png
Previous Rendering
New Can Render.png
New Rendering
Nectar Website.PNG

New Flavor Launch

Nectar Hard Seltzer was launching a new flavor to their core lineup of Hard Seltzers and reached out for ads to gain excitement for the flavor on Instagram and prints. 

POG poster 2.png

Clothing Advertising

Nectar Hard Seltzer was looking to develop advertising for their newest clothing line, They contacted JD Visuals for 3D water simulation and can renders to spice up the ads for social media.

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