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Go2 Dentagenie Silver

Go2 is an Australian version of Grin Oral Care. Go2 Dentagenie has designed and developed a line of innovative and clinically better oral care products to simplify your daily oral care ritual. We partnered together to showcase their products through fun and engaging animations!


  • Brand Campaign

  • 3D Motion Graphics

  • Product Launch

The Mission

GO2 Dentagenie was looking to develop an animated video for their new line of flossers that will be used for customer and investor acquisition. Their goal is to get investors interested in the new Silver flosser Grin and sought out JD Visuals for developing a unique video

The Output

JD Visuals researched the target audience to develop messaging and visuals that will resonate with the potential customers. We created a fun and engaging video that showcases the features and look of the new Go2 Flosser.

The Impact

The Go2 Dentagenie Silver flosser animation was a success! After the completion of the project, Go2 showcased the product video at the forefront of their investor/distribution pitch meeting. The product has been accepted into the retail markets in Australia and is currently in mass production! 

3D Product Animation

In order to reach a larger range of consumers through various avenues of advertisement, JD visuals found it imperative to produce a commercial to showcase the brand along with each unique product

The Process

To create memorable and effective animation, we need to first understand Grin's Oral Care audience and their needs. The process starts by gaining inspiration and making sure you portray the company's personality through the animations.


A storyboard is a visual guide to the production of a video. Similar to a script, it helps you plan shots and understand how they fit together.


Animatics are used to plan the timing and pacing of animation, using low-resolution images to convey the look and feel of the final piece. An animatic is the precursor to the final animation and is a key part of the planning process. The animatic process allowed a chance for all divisions of production to align which resulted in an overall polished final product!

Final Lighting and Rendering

Once the animatic has been approved, the next step is creating lighting for each scene. Lighting can make or break a high-quality 3D render because it showcases the full potential of your video and brings it to life.

The Results

Go2 Dentagenie used our process to develop a clear vision for their product and we guided them through each phase. The benefits of our approach are that we were able to tailor a solution to their needs and maintain clear communication throughout the project. They have received positive feedback as well as investor interest, and they are working with major retailers eager to showcase their products! 

Let's Work Together

We’ll make sure your brand is always ahead of the rest with tailored, creative solutions!

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